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beBE dance

Don't just learn steps; release your inner dancer.


Becky Bearse (beBE) dance, based outside Boston, MA, is rooted in the belief that dance is for everyone and everyone can dance. Committed to spreading the joy of dance, beBE dance offers everything from artistic wedding choreography to birthday parties to special events to classes, workshops and residences. Going beyond the learning of steps to the creation of works of art, beBE dance's services are rooted in love, creativity and passion, enabling her clients to embrace dance with confidence and joy.

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About Becky Bearse (beBE)

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been enamored with the art of story telling through dance. As a child, every room became a stage and with that in mind, I created some of my very first dances in my living room, which soon expanded to whatever room was available in all of my family member's homes. No matter the occasion, if there were people gathered, the dance maker in me couldn't help but to bring everyone together through a performance, lessons or communal dancing. 

Today, I am still as enamored with this art form as I was as a young girl. This passion has translated into years of honing my craft in the studio and sharing it with others. Coming full circle, I now live in the town of Concord, my first stage, and am honored to work with clients across the Metro West and Boston area to provide a new and modern twist to the traditional industry of dance making, teaching and special events.




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